Wedding Name Change for Non Citizens

If you're lawfully eligible to have a home in america and possess reports, subscriptions or recognition right here you'll have these records turned into your brand-new title after marriage. All you have to begin is a wedding certificate. No matter if the certification is released by an US authority (such as for example a church, synagogue, the court or vital data) or an authority that is overseas.

Improve your green card after wedding

In the event that you hold a card that is greenLegal Permanent Resident Card) connect with understand this updated first. You will need to show a wedding certification and evidence of recognition. It doesn't matter in case your wedding certification had been given in the usa or abroad. It should be translated to English if it is in a different language. Complete type I-90, 'Application to displace A permanent resident card'. (more…)

Sarnali Bhowmick