Are you understand Do animals feel pleasure during intercourse?

Maybe you have really ever wondered exactly what pets perceive while having sex: pleasure, or discomfort, or reaction that is just instinctual? DW went searching for a response.

Seychelles giant tortoises groan if they mate. The male tortoise seems to enjoy himself, just by their moans. But exactly what about their feminine mate? Biologist Justin Gerlach, whom operates a center that is breeding giant tortoises within the Republic of Seychelles, observes their behavior daily.

If they're held in little enclosures, Gerlach said, the females can not break free - therefore the men are constantly harassing them. "and so the females are particularly stressed, tough to approach," Gerlach stated.

It appears just as if the male tortoises are continuously forcing the females to own intercourse. But will they be really having? Do female pets feel such a thing during intercourse?

Most likely not much, says biologist Sebastian Baldauf, who has got investigated sexual selection, or exactly how pets choose their mates, during the University of Bonn. (more…)

Sarnali Bhowmick