CBD Vapes

We bring several years of alternative healing experience and offer a big selection of health products.

We focus on good quality, lab-tested Hemp CBD items.

Our services and products have significantly less than 0.3per cent THC or are entirely THC-FREE.

About CBD Vape Natural Oils and CBD Vapes

CBD vapes are one of the more ways that are popular enjoy CBD. CBD vapes contain a liquid cbd oil that is vaporized by a vape unit, then inhaled. Many prefer CBD vapes because they’re user friendly, portable, and faster acting than several other forms of CBD products. Lots of people also take pleasure in the experience that is aromatic is sold with attempting a CBD vape, since CBD vape oils may be found in a wide variety of tastes.

About Mosaic Wellness CBD Natural Oils and CBD Vapes

At Mosaic health, we offer a big number of health items, including a broad choice of CBD vapes. Each of our CBD items, including our CBD vapes, contain hemp-derived CBD that is top quality and alternative party lab-tested. Our services and products have lower than 0.3per cent THC or are totally THC-free.

Select CBD – Relax – Lavender Vape Pen – 250mg

Selet CBD – Revive – Grapefruit Vape Pen – 250mg

Choose CBD – Revive – Lemon Vape Pen – 250mg

Select CBD – Focus – Spearmint Vape Pen – 250mg

Enveed – Relax – CBD Vape Pen for Stress/Anxiety

Enveed – Clarity – CBD Vape Pen for Focus

Enveed – Relief – CBD Vape Pen for soreness

CBD Vape Pen – Peppermint

CBD Vape Pen – Cinnamon

FAQ About CBD Oils and CBD Vapes

What exactly is CBD?


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