Vestavia Hills police fatally shot by wife after battle over money, detective says

Stephanie Keller, center, simply leaves a Jefferson County courtroom Monday, July 29, 2019, flanked by lawyers Rebecca Hyche, appropriate, and Wilson Myers, left.

A Vestavia Hills authorities officer killed within a domestic dispute inside the Gardendale apartment had been discovered gravely wounded in the rear of their walk-in wardrobe by having a gunshot injury to the top their mind, a detective testified on Monday.

Andrew Wade “Andy” Kimbrel, 42, died within the May that is early 3 hours after police say his spouse shot him. Stephanie Nicole Keller, 43, is faced with murder in her own husband’s death.

Details within the killing had been made general general general public Monday the very first time, growing in an initial hearing to find out whether there is sufficient likely cause for the deliberate murder fee against Keller to check out a grand jury. Gardendale authorities Det. Kyle Pannell had been the witness that is lone hour-long hearing, chronicling what the suspect, as well as Kimbrel’s child, told police by what happened that evening inside their house.

The shooting occurred prior to 11 p.m. that at Kimbrel’s home at Woodbrook Apartments thursday. Kimbrel’s child and Keller’s son – both young teens – had been house at that time plus in their bedrooms that are own.

Police arrived regarding the scene after Keller called 911, plus they discovered the critically wounded Kimbrel within the part associated with the master suite wardrobe.

The detective testified that there clearly was a pool of bloodstream surrounding a washing container and said there is additionally bloodstream spatter regarding the walls.

The few, Pannell testified, had been arguing over Keller joining a fitness center and employing a trainer that is personal telling him. (more…)

Sarnali Bhowmick