The chicken industry prefers chicks that are female they fatten better.

Men in many cases are killed after hatching. Germany’s Food and Agriculture Ministry desires to end the procedure that is bloody by peering straight into the egg.

What exactly is in the egg? Which is a relevant concern that does not just interest children within the supermarket whom shake their Kinder Surprise eggs and wonder whatever they're getting. It is also a essential concern for the agricultural industry - even though the focus is certainly not on chocolate eggs, but chicken ones.

Now an extensive research study has caused it to be possible to appear in the hen's egg to find out a chick's sex.

For chicken farmers, issue of whether a fertilized hen's egg will become a male or a lady chick is very important - male chicks aren't well-suited in order to become broilers, neither do they lay eggs. (more…)

Sarnali Bhowmick