Kudos to individuals who can hold back until the delivery to discover if they’re having a girl or boy

The feminist in me seems responsible about any of it, but we never ever desired to wait that very long. Just about the next we discovered I happened to be expecting, I began trying to puzzle out if it had been a kid or or woman.

The news that is good individuals just like me: ultrasounds is now able to identify a baby’s gender as very early as 12-13 days gestation.

Genetic assessment through CVS continues to be the many accurate option to determine fetal intercourse when you look at the very first trimester. But because this test carries a risk that is slight of, most of us choose to not have it done. ( New blood-based tests that rely on mobile free DNA can identify your baby’s gender as soon as 9 months, without enhancing the threat of miscarriage, however these are just about 95% accurate in the 1st trimester). (more…)

Sarnali Bhowmick