With all the 2006 Citizenship Law, the international spouse may also prefer to get yourself a numerous entry see visa which valid for year beneath the Indonesian spouse’s sponsorship

Multiple Entry Browse Visa: year Validity:

The telex approval will likely be send to your lady and you may bring the content towards the Indonesian that is nominated embassy to pick-up the visa.

The expat partner may also be the sponsor for the social visa which permits her international husband to keep for at the most 1-2 months at any given time (with renewals as much as one year). This visa, but, does NOT enable you to work.

Supporting Papers

Ahead of acquiring the telex approval for the one year see visa, you need to first submit the supporting that is following at the Indonesian embassy:

1. Photograph size 4 x 6 cm with red history
2. Content of your passport
3. Content of your wedding certificate/marriage guide
4. Content of your Indonesian spouse's ID card
5. Content of your Indonesian spouse's family members Card (Kartu Keluarga)
6. Sponsorship Letter finalized by the spouse
7. Content of your bank statements
8. Fill-in Form Model 13 VIS K


Sarnali Bhowmick