Pests from the present simplest web site builder pc software v.1.9.7

A few insects here regarding the present v.1.9.7:

1. Whenever you publish for a moment time for you to exactly the same directory Mobirise simplest internet site builder computer software adds the '%20' for almost any spaces using the directory title. This leads to the project never being posted.

2. Severe difficulties with the Menu - firstly, whenever you go to change the

color regarding the text it generally does not work precisely. On mobile devuces the menus

aren't showing.

Please always check right here:

There clearly was a white text menu which can be noticeable although not on mobile phones.

3. You can find overlays taking place in the very very very first 'headers' image in addition to menu.

That is making the intro name text (set at 30px) appear right on the

logo design. This logo design is placed in the present css size of 40px.

3. Image overlays DO work that is NOT mobile phones. Regarding the above website we have actually

needed to turn your overlay off and edit the image with 2 overlays in

(anyone to darken, one other to lighten the top area to result in the menu

4. MASSIVE errors nevertheless because of the slider - simply not taking care of Cellphone

products at all. Samsung, HTC's utilizing Chrome and Opera.

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OK - nevertheless checking.

Many Many Thanks! I have delivered all of this to designers. We curently have released v1.9.10! Check it out now!

Nevertheless genuine issues with the publishing in v1.9.10. After loading a fresh

task when you attend publish it reverts back once again to the final project that is used

directory EVEN THOUGH YOU CHOOSE A FRESH ONE! Therefore - brand new project - publish to new

directory - edits made - publish again and it also would go to the directory that is wrong

Exactly How could be the mail handler coming on? (more…)

Sarnali Bhowmick